Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sun Burn

Couldn't be more excited to start off this beautiful day with this beautiful blog.  Shot by the truly talented Kelsea Holder.  Please check out her site kelseaholder.com and you will be in awe.  The gypsy magic continues!  Obsessed with this beaded head piece, I've always been a sucker for turquoise (I think it runs in the family.)  Also loving this dreamy top made by the Gypsies themselves.  I'm constantly looking for basic tanks that have an edge and this one takes the cake.  The purple top in the purple flowers is too perfect.  So happy with how these pictures came out, enjoy!

Stoked to find this band called the Dirty Art Club.  I love songs with cool mystical beats and thats exactly what the Dirty Art Club is about.  Check 'em if you're into that!

Top - Gypsy Junkies (get it here)
Bottoms - Sway
Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Head piece - Gypsy Junkies (get it here)

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