Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Heart Of Glass


Hello again! Told you all spring was going to be full of Velvet Sugar madness! BELL BOTTOMS are back people. Find a pair, rock the pair and own dat pair. These lovely babies are of course, Gypsy Junkies and VELVET.. you know how much we hate velvet.. ;) Flower crowns make everything better I believe, and this one is hand made by yours truly (Soon to be sold on our Velvet Sugar store)

Blondie.. some badass bitches right thurrr. Obviously because of my tank.. I had to dedicate this post's tune to them! Rock on erryone

Bells- Gypsy Junkies
Tank- ? Had in my closet way too long
Jewels- Gypsy Junkies/Free People
Shoes- Forever 21

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