Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Finally Moving


Eurotrip 2013 here I come! That's right ladies and gentlemen, I am off to Western Europe where adventure awaits me.
Destinations: London>Paris>Barcelona>Ibiza>Milan>Parma>Cinque Terre>Florence>Venice>Los Angeles.
Not only will I be seeing the sights, soaking up the culture, and exploring the unknown, I have to look good doing it.. right? Duh. I believe that roaming these European streets requires a fashionable approach, yet a light load. So, I've decided to share my struggles of packing a fashonista's wardrobe into a small backpack. Step one: DRESSES, they solve everything, and layering is key here! I was able to take three dresses and style them 4 ways. Hope you enjoy, and be sure to check back in a month for the outfit debut in european action, <3 Cheers, Au revoir, Hola and Ciao

Here are the pieces i'm using: Three dresses, four crop tops (two tanks, two t-shirt), one sweater, one leather jacket, and four pairs of shoes (aimed for comfort!)


Daisy Babydoll Dress- Urban Outfitters
Leather Jacket- Nasty Gal
Beatles Shirt- Brand Melville, 
Tank top- Local
Knee Socks and Leggings- American Apparel
Black Flats- Urban Outfitters, Chuck Taylors- Amazon, Boots- Urban Outfitters, Sandals: Forever 21
White purse- Forever 21, Black Purse- Target
Sunnies- Lulus


Maxi dress- H&M local store
Black Tank- American Apparel
Black Sweater- Forever 21


Floral Print Dress- Urban Outfitters
Purple Crop-

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